When selecting Showcase as the project for the Advanced UX/UI Design specialization course, I aimed to achieve the following:

1. Improve user experience: One of the primary objectives of redesigning an application is to enhance the user experience. This involves simplifying the interface, making it more intuitive, optimizing the workflow, and providing an overall more pleasant and satisfying experience for users.

2. Increase usability: The application redesign aims to improve usability, meaning to facilitate user interaction with the application. This may involve reorganizing the information structure, improving navigation, adding efficient search functions, among other aspects that simplify and streamline the application’s use.

3. Update the visual design: The redesign may also aim to modernize the application’s visual appearance by updating its design and adapting it to current trends. This could include improvements in interface design, color selection, typography, iconography, and other visual elements to make the application more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Add new functionalities: The application redesign may also involve the addition of new features or functionalities that enhance the application’s utility. This may include the incorporation of additional tools, customization options, integration with other platforms or services, among others.


Functional Prototype

A functional prototype is an interactive representation of a design or concept created using the design and prototyping tool called Figma. Figma is an online application that enables designers to create user interface designs, prototypes, and collaborate in real-time.

The functional prototype allows designers to test and validate the usability of a user interface, effectively showcase and communicate design ideas to stakeholders, and receive feedback before moving on to the development stage.

How to test?

Click/touch on the Showcase icon.
Navigate through the application (remember that you are a user).
Use the prototype as an application.


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