About Me

Before we begin, I want to thank my mother, my father, my siblings, and those special people in my life who have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. Without you, I wouldn’t have achieved it.

I was born in Venezuela, and since high school, I felt an immense need to create. My mind was filled with daydreams where shapes and colors intertwined in my imagination. I knew then that my destiny was connected to the fascinating world of design.

I am a Bachelor of Administration with a specialization in Data Processing, but even though I graduated at a young age, I knew that it wasn’t enough for me. I yearned to explore my true passion for design and pursued further professional training. I studied Graphic Design at the Institute of Design in Valencia, obtaining my degree in 2011.

It may sound easy, but I can confidently say that I am satisfied with my journey and everything I have achieved.

As a graphic designer, I have had the opportunity to work on incredible projects. I’ve been a teacher, worked as a designer in various companies, built a personal brand, and met wonderful people.

I firmly believe that “when we do things with love, we enjoy them more,” so in each of my projects, you will always see a part of my essence and dedication.”

My Professional Life

Throughout my career, I have specialized in UX/UI design, web design, creative marketing, and brand creation. I firmly believe that the combination of my creative skills, technical knowledge, and passion for design makes me a professional who truly loves what they do.

Thanks to design, I have been able to apply my knowledge in various areas, which has provided me with the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

My goal is to continue learning and improving in my field.

I consider myself a creative and highly motivated individual, always seeking new challenges and opportunities to develop my skills. I am always willing to collaborate with other professionals and contribute my experience and creativity to achieve the best results.


Courses Taken


Professional skills

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Microsoft Office
English - Upper Intermediate


The talent that Nelson possesses as a graphic designer is one of the great skills that make him an excellent professional and expert in his field. During the two years we worked together on the Product Development team at ILG, I was able to witness your creativity through numerous proposals to revamp the souvenir product line for tourists, which, due to their great appeal, significantly increased demand and had a positive impact on the company's sales. Your organizational, planning, and collaborative abilities were always present when tackling each new challenge as a team, while paying close attention to details and being open to receiving and giving suggestions to deliver a great final product to our clients. Working with you was a pleasure, and I am confident that Nelson will be a valuable asset to the next organization he joins.

Elayne Ponce

Actuario | Analista Reporting | Analista de Ventas

"Nelson is a great professional and extremely talented! We were fortunate to work together, with me on the product side and him as a UX designer. It was very gratifying to see how he could quickly interpret what I was looking for and have confidence that he would come back with an even better proposal. He is highly responsible, organized, detail-oriented, and precise in his deliveries. I would like to highlight his ability to receive feedback; it was never a problem, and he shows that he knows how to focus on the final product to improve it, always aiming for excellence. And as if being a professional wasn't enough, he is also an excellent person, very warm, and flexible! Without a doubt, I would work with him again, and hopefully, that will be the case!"

Sofía Mayer

Product Manager en The Other Guys

"I wholeheartedly recommend Nelson as a designer. He has an extremely creative mind and is excellent at working in a team."

Angélica Valera

Ejecutiva de Cuentas | Diseñadora Digital | Abogada

"Nelson is a professional with high standards, his design work is beautiful and appealing. He is very skilled with the software that supports all his creative work and capable of handling any other that poses a challenge to him with ease and speed. Spending time with Nelson ensures a pleasant atmosphere; he has the ability to foster it consistently."

Ambar Rodriguez

Consultor Ssr Payrrol

"I'm a bit afraid of sounding unprofessional with this recommendation, but more than a colleague, I met a friend, and it was truly enjoyable to work together. Nelson is one of those people who pushes you forward, always seeking new opportunities for professional growth, constantly learning and updating his knowledge. He is responsible with his work and has a lot of creativity. His skills in UI/UX and graphic design are impressive! I wish you all the success in your future career!"

Nadia Baran

PMM en The Other Guys | Tutora en cursos de Product Manager CoderHouse | Comunicación Social UBA

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