In the company, our goal was to constantly iterate on the Journeys game. Journeys: Interactive Series is a free-to-play game, but players have the option to purchase additional parts of the gaming experience with real money.

To achieve this, we developed a series of added features to the game in order to enhance the user experience, increase the game’s monetization, and create new entertainment opportunities within it.

UX/UI processes

Organization and structure
High-level sketches and prototypes
Design Iteration
Developer teamwork
Testing and tests
Application in User Interface (UI) design

New features developed


A prototype is a model of the product or service that includes functional, structural, and graphical aspects of the design. It is created during the generation phase, after conducting research and defining the objectives and main aspects of the design.

In the theoretical realm of UX, there is no clear consensus on the differences and scope of concepts such as wireframe, mockup, low-fidelity prototype, and high-fidelity prototype. However, in the professional context, the importance of prototyping as a key process to materialize the value proposition and iterate the design and interaction until reaching an optimized final version is widely recognized.

The prototyping process is iterative and evolves from the initial low-fidelity proposals, which are still distant from the final design, to high-fidelity ones that define the characteristics the product or service should have when used by users. Prototyping alternates with evaluation in a continuous iteration process that progressively optimizes the design until achieving the proposal that will be developed.

Prototyping is executed in various phases, and the result obtained in each of them represents an increasing degree of “fidelity” (or approximation to the final design).

The Other Guys By Gameloft


  • UX/UI Designer (Journeys, Passionate Creatures)
  • Lead UX/UI Designer (Barbie)


  • From: November 2019
    Until: February 2023


  • UX/UI Desing
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Brand Tracking
  • Agile Organization

The Company

The Other Guys was born in 2013 as an initiative of three partners who have been working together for over 15 years. They have created, published, and operated successful products that have reached millions of users worldwide.

The Other Guys’ team has a strong data-driven culture, user-oriented decision-making, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a challenging work environment where each individual can make a difference.

My experience

My journey with TOG began in November of 2019. I am a firm believer in the premise that the universe sends signals and places us in the positions we are meant to occupy. It was through this belief that I found this opportunity while pursuing my specialization in UX/UI. However, this company had the foresight to look beyond and recognize my potential to grow alongside them.

I feel immense gratitude for having the opportunity to participate in TOG’s projects, for allowing me to establish relationships with exceptional individuals, and for providing me with a chapter in my life that will remain indelible in my memory.


During my time at TOG, I was in charge of the brand rebranding process. The rebranding process comprised a set of activities and strategies carried out to modify the image, identity, and positioning of a brand.

It involved changing aspects such as the logo, colors, communication messages, target audience, or value proposition of a company, with the aim of revitalizing the brand and adapting it to new market circumstances or needs.

It is important to consider that rebranding is a delicate process as it involves modifying consumers’ perception of a brand. Therefore, it is essential to have careful planning, consider customers’ expectations and opinions, and ensure that the new brand approach is consistent with its value proposition and core values.

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