Kubikware is a full service digital agency that helps businesses dream, design, and build stunning digital experiences.

Part of my company development is to provide my full-time service and support with the American company Play2Play.

Play2Pay is the first company to gamify getting your bills paid

Consumers save hundreds of dollars a year on their service provider bills by using Play2Pay

UX/UI processes

User research
Definition of objectives
Flow experience design
Usability testing
Iterative development
Visual design
Development team support
Launch and monitoring

New features developed

It should be noted that I have been in charge, together with the product and development team, of developing important features for the functioning of the platform.

Welcome Wheel
Winner List
Avatar Editor
Cover Screen
Bill Payment
Welcome Process
Guest Mode

My Role in the company

The most important role I play at Play2Pay as a User Experience (UX) Designer is to ensure that digital products or services meet users’ needs and expectations in an effective and enjoyable way.

Provide support from the idea conception process with the product team, to the implementation and development process with the software engineering team.

Additionally, as a designer I play an important role for the Marketing team. Since I provide my support and knowledge for the creation of campaigns and graphic pieces that we later use on the platform.

Part of my responsibility is to deeply understand end users by conducting research such as interviews, surveys, data analysis and usability testing. This understanding allows them to design solutions that fit the real needs and wants of users.

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